How many process can be run simultaneously ?

well we in these days use multi-core processors like core i3 or i5 or i7 of intel rather than single core processors like Intel Pentium4 670

—for brevity of this article

   core i3-has two cores and hyper-threading

 core i5-for mobiles may have 2 cores and hyper-threading and desktop ones with 4 cores and no hyper-threading

core i7-all core i7 models will have hyper-threading and it may have from 2 cores to 8 cores

In traditional single core processors only one process could have been exceuted at once by that processor  but in  multi-core processors  (core implies a single processor)  the situation is different.

In operating System we have the concept of  Threads and Process.

In simple terms — A process will have many Threads.

So even in multi core processors there is no possibility for multiple process to be executed simultaneously but multiple threads of a single process can be executed simultaneously on cores(processors)

Most operating systems will allow threads to run simultaneously on separate processors/cores. Since processes can have more than one thread, they can run on more than one core.

race condition ,,resource starvation etc.. can arise so synchronization must be taken into account


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