Linux is monolithic ! but why ?is it safe ?

Before I try to convey  interesting  and informative stuff I recommend you to read these articles first

1)Monolithic Kernel


look at the visualization of different architectures provided in above links

3)monolithic vs microkernel   (this gives much easier and nice explanation)

key points to remember:-

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why short term scheduler is short and long term scheduler is long ?

To understand why short and long names respectively were given,  one need’s to understand their functionality

In simple words :-

just one thing to remember is we have 2 types of queues when talking about schedulers :–1)Ready Queue(in or near main memory )and 2)Input Queue.

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What is Hard Link and Soft Link ? why we require them ?

Hard Link and Soft Link are the two words which will be heard when you are using Linux (any of it’s distro’s).

what is a hard link?

before that you need to know what is inode.(pronounced as  “I node”)  a concept of unix-like OS’s

In simple terms inode is a data structure which stores file attributes and disk block locations (simply details about a file object like metadata and permissions etc..,)

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