why short term scheduler is short and long term scheduler is long ?

To understand why short and long names respectively were given,  one need’s to understand their functionality

In simple words :-

just one thing to remember is we have 2 types of queues when talking about schedulers :–1)Ready Queue(in or near main memory )and 2)Input Queue.

Long term schedulers:-

This scheduler is responsible for promoting a process which is in  ‘new’ process state to ‘ready’ process state. In other words this scheduler decides which process must be bought into ready queue of main memory (note that we just bought process to RAM but not yet executed) .thus this scheduler is dictator of handling degree of multi-programming , division between  I/O bound and CPU bound  process to achieve balance in system

this scheduler also handles degree of concurrent execution hence it is useful scheduler in Super Computers,batch processing etc..



Short term scheduler:-





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