Big-Hero six

Big-Hero Six an animated movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios is a first super hero film from walt disney which they got inspired from marvel comics.

 [[ spoilers ahead ]]

I would rate the film with  3 /5 stars. the whole movie had best animation and was a blend of inspiration, science and research and more saliently about nerds . I am sure kids would have been spellbound with the fictional science that is exhibited by the movie.but the true drawback of this film is one can speculate the next moves in the film.

The film begins with Hiro Hamada (the protagonist ) engaging in a bot fight which was an illegitimate fight because of the gambling involved and wins the fight in the second turn with his robot and will be soon rescued by his brother Tadashi as the bot fight organizers turn down him for his win

later tadashi feels his brother should be joined in the university and so takes him there and as expected hiro gets inspired and enunciates his desire for joining that university as his brother desires and so begins working on an interesting project which could pave path for his entry to university

and as expected he overwhelms everyone and gets a ticket to university impressing professor Callaghan. meanwhile there is a sudden accident in the science fair and everyone gushes out saving their lifes and inorder to save the life of professor callaghan tadashi looses his life.

until now I am pretty much sure that most of kids would have taken oath to find themselves as scientists but things always will not be same isn’t it ?

having dejected at his brothers loss he feels sicken until he finds baymax his brother made health care companion taking hiro to the warehouse directed by the microbot and here starts the actual fight in the movie

well through out the movie I felt there were two protagonists with some variance in their importance -baymax and hiro

Hiro inorder to find who is embezzling his microbot technology forms a team of  6 who were nerds and besties of his brother at the university . In this quest he finds out the cause of accident at science fair where he lost his brother.


well I should confess that it is here I really felt some twist in the story where the villan turns out to be the so praised professor and hiro becomes so furious that he decides to kill him without any compassion to overcome his angst but later he was halted by baymax when it shows how much struggle did his brother took in order to make a robot which heals people’s wounds

well though the film lasted only for 102 minutes it was successful in  taking away everyone’s attention with the blend of awesome new technological idea microbots , pain, angry, compassion and nerdic sense and a flawless animation.




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