Port, Port …Socket!!!

When listening to  Computer Networks class today I got the following interesting doubts which I got clarified by my professor


Q) what is doubt:- when every browser is allocated a port number 80 then how can multiple tabs of chrome or any browser can talk through that when only when process can be listened through one port ?
Ans:– servers listen through port-80 for browsers but not on client side..on client side your  OS uses port numbers >5000 so every new tab(as for google it is a process..read the below) uses a unique port number —i.e one process one port

this is a informative link read it for sure


Q)- also do chrome use multi threading or multi process for new tabs

Ans:-chrome uses multiprocess and mozilla multi threading

read  this  for sure


Q)Ok on server side server listens through port:-80 for all browsers….but then there several process or browsers in world should use the same 80 port number of server…but one port listens only one process at a time …then how ? 

Ans:-Basically, only one process can LISTEN on a port at a time (technically, one socket is dedicated to listening). But, a port can handle many sockets transferring data, a socket is a combination of local IP / port and remote IP address / remote port. In that way, once the server accepts the incoming connection while LISTENing it opens a new socket dedicated to that conversation and hands the processing off to something else, then goes back to LISTENing.

read for more info


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