Hi!  I am glad that you want to know me.

This is Nikhil, I am a final year undergraduate in Computer Science studying at  MVSR Engineering college,Osmania University

I have an academic percentage of  82.2%  until my Third year of undergrad

Here I  write about stuff which are intriguing, tough or random stuff but related to computer science subjects like Operating Systems, Linux, OpenSource, Algorithms, Data Structures and Databases.

   I have also decided to write reviews or summaries of books that I am going to read.

My online presence includes –

  github  |  codechef | Hackerrank

   What I am doing Currently ?

  1) Working on my Final Year Project which I feel is Cool

   2)Improving my profile ranking on Hackkerank by solving problems there


    I want to start contributing to anyone good Apache open source projects using Java

     If you like me or want to contact me I am always happy !!

            mail me

  Took an interesting oath –“Code Everyday for at least 1 hour” I hope every CS student takes such an oath :p

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