Why battery gets discharged even when phone is switched off ?

There are two vague reasons for this (actually depends on phone architecture)

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What is Hard Link and Soft Link ? why we require them ?

Hard Link and Soft Link are the two words which will be heard when you are using Linux (any of it’s distro’s).

what is a hard link?

before that you need to know what is inode.(pronounced as  “I node”)  a concept of unix-like OS’s

In simple terms inode is a data structure which stores file attributes and disk block locations (simply details about a file object like metadata and permissions etc..,)

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How many process can be run simultaneously ?

well we in these days use multi-core processors like core i3 or i5 or i7 of intel rather than single core processors like Intel Pentium4 670

—for brevity of this article

   core i3-has two cores and hyper-threading

 core i5-for mobiles may have 2 cores and hyper-threading and desktop ones with 4 cores and no hyper-threading

core i7-all core i7 models will have hyper-threading and it may have from 2 cores to 8 cores

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Codec and Containers in simple terms


              – this can be classified as two terms

1)Hardware Codec

2)Software Codec

1)Hardware codec:—Coder and Decoder

Our computer or smartphone’s etc.. such devices can only understand only 1’s and 0’s (of course surprisingly the whole computing world is running on 2 states 0 and 1 –of course Quantam computing is a newly emerging technology which depends on states of atoms which is for different purpose like we can use it for fields which involves large computations but for regular works combination of 0 and 1 is best.

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Single Threaded vs Multi Threaded in terms of performance

  So do we have any advantage of being on any one side of threading ? let us see!!

  Single Threading:-

Simply it is the process of issuing one command at a time to the CPU.It is somewhat confusing term.

  Multi Threading:-

The ability of an operating system to execute different parts of a program  simultaneously. The programmer must carefully design

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